About Tustin

Orange county residents should want to learn a little more about Tustin, CA. The small town represents everything that California has to offer to visitors in one place. Tustin is an attraction in itself, attracting its fair share of visitors recently. People genuinely respect the importance of the small town vibe that is pervasive in the community. Suburban living is also at its best for the residents of the town. The future is bright for the city.

You can find Tustin, CA located near the county seat of Orange County (Santa Ana). The area has seen quite a bit of growth recently. That has transformed Tustin, CA and welcomed many new guests along the way. New residents will want to explore the small town and see how it is grown. The population is now up to a healthy 82,372 and is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

There are several services available to residents in the small town. Believe it or not, free sand bags can be filled on certain days of the week in the city. This is provided as a benefit to home owners who face flooding. However, rain is minimal and the weather is best described as mild.

Many amenities are at your fingertips in Tustin. There is an international airport located in the nearby city of San Diego. You can visit Disneyland, which is also located in Orange County. Hotels and museums are conveniently situated nearby location for residents too.